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Jasmine is an award-winning entrepreneur who is striving to make the world a better place one cause at a time. Her main focus is to foster change and generate awareness around important socioeconomic issues including poverty, food waste, and hunger.

Boards can accelerate or sink your startup. Hear seasoned operators Connie Mixon, Theia Smith, and Tim Cook discuss the right way to build a dynamic startup board that will help you win. Each of these Atlanta experts has dynamic national experience across multiple startup boards.

Ryan Wilson co-founded and leads a company fast becoming a cultural icon, The Gathering Spot, founded in Atlanta, whose professional members are often of color and/or female and at the top of their fields. Learn how he thinks about Black Leadership, Black business, and the future of American culture in this provocative discussion on race and gender equality. Delivered as the keynote for the Startup Runway Foundation, the largest competition sourcing top startups from underrepresented founders.

Amy is a strategic partner for founders and investors and a growth catalyst for companies on the rise. Central to her work, of course, is the development and nurturing of a company’s culture.

Startup Atlanta just released the definitive guide to the Atlanta startup ecosystem. Hear Kylan Kester share what's new, what's hot, and what you need to pay attention to the country's fastest-growing startup and venture capital hub.

Turn your selfies into savings with this innovative app from founder Chike Nwoke. Learn how and why this top founder, a Startup Runway Finalist, is taking on the long tail of influencer marketing and putting you at the center.

What if you have to lay people off? Is there anything that could make it less painful? Turns out, yes. Hear how Sarah's building that tool no one wants to use, but every business should have. It's timely and you'll come away inspired by how founders get inspiration in the toughest circumstances. This Fintech startup is one to watch, too--a Startup Runway 2020 Finalist.

TIE Atlanta, the local chapter of the global tech entrepreneur association, commits to invest $100K in founders from under-represented groups. Find out why now and how you can get involved as an angel--or a founder--from visionary leaders leaders JP James and Amyn Sadruddin.

Bryan Hobbs, Founder/CEO of Pruuvn, was the winner of Startup Runway's $10,000 grant. Learn more about his SaaS company that provides the most efficient way to verify credentials.

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Vital4, a fintech software company disrupting the global screening and compliance industry through AI driven technology.

Hear investors answering questions like-

  • The Deal. What do you invest in? Why Atlanta?
  • The Pitch. Why should an Atlanta founder want to work with you? What’s the house secret recipe for success?
  • The Story. Why did you invest in the Atlanta startup you chose? How did that startup stand out from among other opportunities?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person in Atlanta every investor should meet?
  • The Hook-up. What’s the best way for a founder to contact you?
Hear founders answering questions like-

  • The Pitch. What are you working right now? Why does it matter?
  • The Story. What brought you to this point—tell us how your background inspires you.
  • The Deal. Who is the ideal investor for you, and why?
  • The Scale. Who would you like to add to your team next in terms of hires, advisors?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person every founder in Atlanta should meet?
  • The Hook-up. How should listeners reach out to be a part of what you’re building?