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TIE Atlanta, the local chapter of the global tech entrepreneur association, commits to invest $100K in founders from under-represented groups. Find out why now and how you can get involved as an angel--or a founder--from visionary leaders leaders JP James and Amyn Sadruddin.

Bryan Hobbs, Founder/CEO of Pruuvn, was the winner of Startup Runway's $10,000 grant. Learn more about his SaaS company that provides the most efficient way to verify credentials.

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Vital4, a fintech software company disrupting the global screening and compliance industry through AI driven technology.

Tammy Farley co-founded The Rainmaker Group in 1998 and serves as its president. She spearheads all sales, marketing and customer-related operations for the organization, which is the market leader in profit optimization solutions serving hotel, casino hotel, resort, and multifamily housing operators.

A proud Duke graduate and accomplished entrepreneur, David is the reason Atlanta Tech Village exists. Addicted to startups, David is CEO of Atlanta Ventures and an avid investor – having invested in over 25 startups.

Listen to learn more about the economic and employment implications of the significant seed funding gap in the Southeast.

Atlanta software engineer, military spouse and founder Sheffie Robinson created WPClover to make regular websites work like Superwoman. Hear her discuss how she's built her firm into a scaling B2B software resource powering dozens of fast growing firms that thrive on her platform.

Eller Mallchok is the managing director at Jumpstart Foundry, a seed-stage healthcare innovation fund that invests in and supports healthcare technology companies. They raise and deploy an annual $3M fund into 15-20 companies each year.

George Azih is the founder and CEO of LeaseQuery, a lease accounting software solution for the most comprehensive regulatory reform in 40 years.

Alaina Percival founded Women Who Code, a global non-profit organization with over 200,000 members dedicated to women excelling in technology careers.

Hear investors answering questions like-

  • The Deal. What do you invest in? Why Atlanta?
  • The Pitch. Why should an Atlanta founder want to work with you? What’s the house secret recipe for success?
  • The Story. Why did you invest in the Atlanta startup you chose? How did that startup stand out from among other opportunities?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person in Atlanta every investor should meet?
  • The Hook-up. What’s the best way for a founder to contact you?
Hear founders answering questions like-

  • The Pitch. What are you working right now? Why does it matter?
  • The Story. What brought you to this point—tell us how your background inspires you.
  • The Deal. Who is the ideal investor for you, and why?
  • The Scale. Who would you like to add to your team next in terms of hires, advisors?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person every founder in Atlanta should meet?
  • The Hook-up. How should listeners reach out to be a part of what you’re building?