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Candice, CEO and Co-Founder of GABA, is a serial entrepreneur and army veteran with a passion for healthcare and education innovation. The thesis of her career has centered around advancing solutions to access and equity.

Vertical Activewear, an Atlanta-based apparel company is a contemporary, multi-active lifestyle brand for both traditional and alternative workouts, such as pole and dance fitness, barre, and various forms of yoga. It was created for the woman who is committed to self-awareness, self-expression, and self-care.

Julius builds Jax, which rents vehicles to Uber and Lyft drivers in metro Atlanta. Helping to bring mobility, access, and opportunity to those wishing to participate in the ridesharing economy.

Ashley is a founder and CEO of MyTotem, using AI to create more efficient processes to branding and digital content development. My-Totem is a branding automation platform that uses info-driven algorithms to brand companies automatically.

Lauren is a pitch strategist, speaker, writer, angel investor, and founder of VC Worthy Business who has years of experience helping clients not only hone their pitches, but also find the investors that are the right fit for their business.

Ross is a Managing Director & Partner at Silicon Road, an early stage venture capital fund focused on building the future of commerce. They focus on omni-channel commerce, in-store and retail tech, supply chain and logistics, and fin-tech & transactions. Find out why Ross invests.

Louise is passionate about improving the way criminal justice works for everyone involved. Acivilate combines technology, psychology and compassion to build a mobile platform where professionals and justice-involved people can work together for better outcomes.

Robin has over fifteen years of experience building and launching financial solutions to consumers and businesses. RoadSync is a cutting-edge, digital payment platform that dramatically reduces payment processing time and maximizes revenue collection for the transportation industry.

Jasmine is an award-winning entrepreneur who is striving to make the world a better place one cause at a time. Her main focus is to foster change and generate awareness around important socioeconomic issues including poverty, food waste, and hunger.

Boards can accelerate or sink your startup. Hear seasoned operators Connie Mixon, Theia Smith, and Tim Cook discuss the right way to build a dynamic startup board that will help you win. Each of these Atlanta experts has dynamic national experience across multiple startup boards.

Hear investors answering questions like-

  • The Deal. What do you invest in? Why Atlanta?
  • The Pitch. Why should an Atlanta founder want to work with you? What’s the house secret recipe for success?
  • The Story. Why did you invest in the Atlanta startup you chose? How did that startup stand out from among other opportunities?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person in Atlanta every investor should meet?
  • The Hook-up. What’s the best way for a founder to contact you?
Hear founders answering questions like-

  • The Pitch. What are you working right now? Why does it matter?
  • The Story. What brought you to this point—tell us how your background inspires you.
  • The Deal. Who is the ideal investor for you, and why?
  • The Scale. Who would you like to add to your team next in terms of hires, advisors?
  • The Shout-out. Who is one person every founder in Atlanta should meet?
  • The Hook-up. How should listeners reach out to be a part of what you’re building?