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Atlanta psychologist and entrepreneur Dr. Yared Alemu of TQIntelligence is passionate about improving access to quality mental health care for youth from low-income communities. This visionary founder shares his perspective on the gradual adoption of AI in mental health applications, improved outcomes for underserved youth, and the overall state of innovation within the mental health world. With direct support from the NSF and Google For Startups, the company's core product Clarity AI is moving the needle in the right direction. Tune into this dialogue that is guaranteed to inspire and inform listeners from all walks of life!

Anne Bailey is an MBA student at Emory studying private equity in the popular class hosted by David Panton and Klaas Baks. She fell in love with the topic. In this unscripted and open-hearted episode, hear her ask co-host Lisa Calhoun, founder of leading seed-stage venture capital firm Valor Ventures, everything she wants to know about how to break into private equity in Atlanta. It's a fun, challenging conversation, and if you're curious about a career in private equity or venture capital, this conversation is for you!

Using Florence Healthcare, doctors and nurses save time in clinical trials. Founder and CEO Ryan Jones joins William to talk through key lessons learned as a healthcare founder, finding early product-market fit, and innovation in clinical trials in today's pandemic healthcare environment.

How do you improve the employee experience? With today's record unemployment, leaders are learning they better move fast. Atlanta Founder Prem Bhatia has been working the problem of better employee experiences for years. At Cooleaf, he is empowering mid to large enterprises to make data-driven decisions to continuously improve how their teams interact with the company culture. Cooleaf was just recognized on the Inc. 5000 as one of America's fastest-growing firms. Hear Prem's powerful founder story about Cooleaf's early pivot, critical lessons learned while building an HR startup, the importance of founder mentorship, and how employers are winning the talent strategy equation with Cooleaf. Can't miss material--tune in now.

CEO and Founder Anisa Telwar Kaicker and her 500 team members operate global beauty powerhouse Anisa International, the "Apple" of beauty. This visionary shares her perspective on the beauty industry, including her unique definition of what beauty is. Can't miss moments in this heartfelt conversation with host Lisa Calhoun of Valor Ventures include -- her leadership secrets, how she recharges as a founder, how she changes herself to free her company to scale, founder health, and so much more. Listen to the end to hear Anisa share a board position she's recruiting for now. Please share this conversation with a founder who's scaling and could learn more from Anisa right here in Atlanta.

Enjoy a spirited conversation with Alana Mann about how she broke into VC, her blog series outlining conversations with early stage female founders, and her thoughts on navigating the frothy venture markets. Alana joins host William Leonard, investor at Valor, for Startup Runway this month and the two took the opportunity to dive into what's cooking now in early-stage investing.

Retail tech veteran and Atlanta Founder Barbara Jones is building Lilli RnB, an end to end software helping notable retailers solve their billion dollar fraud problems. Barbara shares her story of productizing her consulting business, building resiliency while fundraising, and leveraging the SalesForce Business Builders Program to scale Lilli.

UGA Alum and Founder Jason Schubert joins the podcast to share the journey of building and exiting his people-based insights and survey platform startup. On the heels of recently being acquired by the world's largest first-party data platform for insights, Dynata, Jason talks through his thought process of the acquisition, points of emphasis for other founders considering acquisition offers, the state of data monetization, and much more!

Meet Derrick Barker, CEO of Nectar, an Atlanta startup providing upfront cash for short-term rental operators and unlocking real estate cashflows for investors. Hear Derrick's story of exiting his first venture during undergrad, building a 4500+ unit real estate portfolio with his payout, and his strategic advice for early-stage founders thinking of participating in an accelerator. Derrick just graduated from Techstars in Atlanta.

Honored among the Top 40 Tech Companies in Georgia, unlocks digital keys for carmakers. Tune in to hear Cofounder Anthony Maley share leading edge innovation in the automotive industry. Learn if blockchain really is the future of your car!

As one of Atlanta's newest unicorns, Flock Safety equips neighborhoods and police departments in over 1200 cities with machine learning tools to mitigate crime. Founder and CEO of Flock Safety Garrett Langley openly shares how he navigates growth roadblocks and his mindset for building excellence. You don't want to miss his practical fundraising advice for founders in Atlanta.

After spending a decade to perfect their process, Atlanta based Nexus Fuels has solidified a profitable and environmentally sustainable way to recycle plastics by converting them back into oil. Led by industry veteran Jeff Gold, Nexus has produced about 300K gallons of oil and diverted more than 2.7M lbs of plastic from landfills. Jeff joins William to share more about finding product market fit during the early days of Nexus Fuels and also thoughts on the future of cleantech in the US.

Learn about the founder's journey to a multi-million dollar startup from Candace. She's a Georgia Tech grad, a computer scientist, and an entrepreneur transforming the hair care industry with engineering. Hear her journey to building a tech platform for hair. Myavana uses artificial intelligence to recommend the perfect products --and some of the largest brands in the world are on board.

The increasingly frequent occurrence of cyberattacks and ransomware has led to a more pressing need for proactive cyber awareness. Nick Santora and the Curricula team are bringing customization to cybersecurity training by allowing companies to generate modules that address firm-specific security concerns. Meet Nick and understand why Curricula's brings fun and fluidity to cybersecurity training.

Inovcares Founder and new Atlanta resident Mohamed Kamara is modernizing healthcare for women of color. The tragic death of his sister in childbirth catalyzed him to take on changing the world. Hear Mohamed's insights around choosing the right business model, customer discovery tips, and why he feels Atlanta is the perfect city to build a healthcare startup.

What are VCs in Atlanta investing in now? What about seed-stage expectations across the Southeast? In this deep dive interview with investor William Leonard of Valor Ventures, De'Havia Stewart of Softbank, Vernon Lee of Marathon, Brian Truong of Graph Ventures, and more, you'll hear what seed-stage VCs are looking for right now. If you're a founder, this is can't-miss episode. Over half a billion of capital ready to invest right now is talking straight to you--listen now.

Hear two of Valor Ventures' team, general partner Lisa Calhoun and investor William Leonard, dive into trend for startups in the Southeast. This fast-paced conversation will help you get your arms around the valuations, the terms and the trends founders can expect raising a round right now. Listen in as two investors detail their craft and the insights they get from dozens of weekly founder interviews.

Founder Kristina Williams joins the Atlanta Startup Podcast to share about her journey of building Unpacking, a data-driven, gamified platform powering the future of diversity training. She's been backed by Beyonce and others to change DEI for better. After recently moving her business to Atlanta from the West Coast, she breaks down why she chose Atlanta (where else!?!) and why Unpacking's gamified approach to diversity training will change culture in a positive direction.

First investor checks--that's the mission of the Startup Runway Foundation, backed by presenting sponsor Cox Enterprises and founding partners Truist, Georgia Power, Avanta Ventures, and Innovator's Legal. Meet the dynamic first executive director of the Startup Runway Foundation Mecca Tartt, interviewed by co-host Lisa Calhoun of Valor Ventures.

Founded in 2018, Atlanta startup Hermeus is seeking to shrink the world by connecting global cities through its hypersonic aircraft. Hermeus founder and CEO AJ Piplica sits down with Valor Investor William Leonard to expound on his vision for creating a hyper-connected world as hypersonic travel creeps toward commercialization.

After successfully building, scaling, and exiting her fintech startup LoanHero, Kristin Slink moved across the country and joined the Advanced Technology Development Center as Fintech Catalyst. Founded in 1980, ATDC has developed a global reputation for fostering technological entrepreneurship. Forbes named ATDC to its list of “Incubators Changing the World” in 2010 and 2013, alongside Y Combinator and the Palo Alto Research Center. Hear Kristin elaborate on the numerous ways the ATDC supports not only Metro Atlanta founders, but founders across the state of Georgia.

Atlanta's booming film scene isn't just "LA does ATL." Jon Gosier shines light on rising film stars thanks to his startup FilmHedge, which helps connect emerging producers and investors with new projects for financing. Hear about this latest innovation in the film scene in this interview with Valor investor and host William Leonard.

Yieldi Founders Joe Ashkouti and Josh Lloyd are on the mission to make real estate investing as simple as shopping on Amazon. Hear the Atlanta duo discuss more about Yieldi and their thoughts on the state of current real estate markets.

With over 55M gig workers in the US, Dustin Walsey and the Buckle team are increasing access to financial products and services to the shared economy. Hear Dustin speak on Buckle's vision and core benefits offered to Buckle users.

SmartCommerce founder and CEO Jennifer Silverberg shares her do's and don'ts in startup fundraising in this candid episode with Valor general partner Lisa Calhoun. This is a can't-miss episode for founders packed with fundraising tips and strategies that work. You'll especially enjoy how she dives into the differences between raising in VC, New York, and the Valley as an Atlanta founder.

Atlanta Founder and Georgia Tech grad Ajesh Kapoor is no stranger to the southeast startup ecosystem. Hear Ajesh share his story of prior exits, crucial lessons learned as a founder, and how his latest startup SemiCab is digitizing the once antiquated world of freight movement in this conversation with Valor Investor William Leonard.

After recently relocating her startup to Atlanta from New York, Founder and CEO of Knac Ariel Lopez shares the driving forces behind her decision and also breaks down Knac's approach to humanizing the hiring process for enterprises.

With police and community relations in the recent spotlight, Lisa Mitchell and Marlin Jackson detail their approach to improving transparency and accountability between government organizations and local communities through the Pulse Analytix software platform.

Carlos Antequera, Co-founder and Managing Director at Novel Growth Partners details his team's approach to building a revenue-based financing venture fund and lays out why they don't take equity in their investments.

Led by CEO and Founder Jennifer Sparks, Atlanta startup VacMobile is working to simplify the storage and transmission of vaccination records and health status records from your smartphone. Enjoy Jennifer discuss her pre-Covid vision of more secure, transparent vaccination record storage.

Dan Dreschel of Panoramic Ventures joins William to discuss transitioning from operator to investor, tailwinds accelerating the Atlanta tech ecosystem, and founder do's and don't during board meetings.

Atlanta Business Chronicle journalist Erin Schilling landed in Atlanta after graduating from UGA. She's made a big difference in less than a year of reporting on the Atlanta startup scene. Learn how to pitch this dynamic young journalist and what she looks for in a great story in this conversation with Valor general partner Lisa Calhoun.

Learn from three pioneering general partners in venture capital what it takes to scale an early-stage venture capital firm in the Southeast. Find out how to earn a seed-stage lead investor term sheet from each of them. Enjoy this conversation with general partners at The Artemis Fund, a Houston-based seed-stage lead investor eager to invest more in Atlanta, hosted by Valor general partner Lisa Calhoun.

Ken founded Speedscale in 2020 with the ultimate ambition of developing a more efficient solution to prevent production incidents with automation. Hear Ken's journey of starting Speedscale, his advice on developing a GTM strategy, and his take on industry/geographical trends that serve as tailwinds for Speedscale in this conversation with Valor Investor, William Leonard.

Royal Street Ventures Maggie Kenefake explains how she invests and what she looks for in seed stage, female-led startups.

Georgia Tech Alum and Atlanta Native Graham Gintz shares how his first time fundraising struggles created a vision for Knightley. Based in Atlanta, Knightley is a SaaS platform that helps early stage founders organize their diligence while preparing to raise their next round of financing.

FinTech has always been a big part of the Atlanta scene. I have a Valor team show for you today on FinTech frontiers with Lisa, Gary and William.

CoFounders Capital is the most active early-stage venture capital investor in North Carolina, according to Crunchbase. Hear this deep dive discussion with general partner Tim McLoughlin and Valor investor William Leonard. Learn what Tim loves to invest in and his tips for raising capital for founders.

Atlanta Founder Tim Hall is helping reshape how large CPG brands leverage AI to automate new product research. Simporter's software automates new product research, including White Space Exploration, pre-launch forecasting, marketing simulations, and product monitoring.

General Partner at Maveron, Anarghya Vardhana, is long on inclusion and the demographic shifts reshaping culture. Listen to this passioante conversation on how she broke into VC as an immigrant from South India and now leads investments for one of the top venture capital firms in the country.

Victoria Fram is co-founder of Village Capital, a visionary VC investing in seed stage. It started right here in Atlanta and the firm backs founders in the South regularly. Victoria didn't start out as a venture capitalist. She backpacked the world trying to ease poverty. Hear how that influences and informs her investments in this provocative conversation with Valor general partner and founder Lisa Calhoun

Startup Runway Finalist Lucy Lu shares how the pandemic changed her law business--taking her from services to AI Automation.

VC William Leonard broke into full time venture capital investing after graduating from Mercer. Learn how he did it.

Seasoned Atlanta venture capitalists Mike Becker and Emery Waddell of Vocap Partners join host Lisa Calhoun of Valor Ventures to discuss why the Southeast is suddenly such a hot topic in the global startup community. Learn what this experienced operator-VC looks for when they lead seed investments. Get Mike Becker's incredible playbook for hiring your best sales leader ever.

Atlanta Founder Yotam Oren Builds AI Monitoring for High Stakes Data Science Teams at Mona Labs. Mona Labs is a SaaS monitoring platform for Data and AI driven systems.

Kyle was an original investor with Connetic but came on as a Founding Partner. Connetic Ventures is a data-driven venture capital fund that using proprietary machine learning and AI techniques to find and fund companies that will create the future.

Join us as we speak with Sofiat "Sofi" Abdulrazaaq, founder of GoodFynd. Goodfynd helps food trucks scale and grow with their fintech platform designed around the needs of these dynamic entrepreneurs.

What to expect from technology in 2021? Entrepreneurs are 10% or so of the population, but they create the innovations and the jobs that keep the rest of us going. You would love to hear what some of our founders are working on, and what they're excited about in tech for 2021.

Medical expert Evodie Epane is an Atlanta founder whose company Vegan Tiger is bringing a healthy new delicious snack to market. Vegan Tiger makes Tiger nuts food-based products. Our products deliver optimal digestive health support with the prebiotic benefits of Tiger nuts whether on an AIP or Paleo compliant diet.

Venture capital and potential impacts on the industry from the Biden-Harris Administration.

Hustling co-founders Joel Nkounkou and Nelson Thomas just raised their first venture round for their digital textbook platform. Enjoy their insights into what the students of today need from their learning platforms.

Film Connx is a movement for simplifying and diversifying hiring within the production community, and our unique platform makes us the go-to for sourcing talented, local crew members.

Safir is an experienced Full Stack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry. Skilled in Mobile Application Development, Microsoft Office, Leadership, Aviation, and Web Development.

Meet one of the most prolific and seasoned angel investors in Atlanta, Mike Ross, president and founder of MHR International. In this can't-miss conversation, you'll hear his deep insights on the break-out Black Tech scene headquartered in Atlanta and get his thoughts on the future.

Erin founded Small Bites Adventure Club in 2018, with the goal of creating turn-key solutions for teachers to help children discover, love and eat their fruits and vegetables. They create and ship hands-on tools shipped to homes and schools, childcare and after school programs. This turn-key food and nutrition activities connect with academic standards and features local farmers.

Dr. Brown began studying eye behavior in 2012 as a portion of her PhD research. During her PhD, she discovered that eye gaze can be used to determine engagement levels while learning. In addition to engagement, the human eye holds rich data about the mental state of a human being.

Tope is the founder and CEO of Calendly, a simple and beautiful scheduling tool that helps you schedule meetings without all the back and forth emails. Calendly is the fastest growing company in scheduling automation.

Candice, CEO and Co-Founder of GABA, is a serial entrepreneur and army veteran with a passion for healthcare and education innovation. The thesis of her career has centered around advancing solutions to access and equity.

Vertical Activewear, an Atlanta-based apparel company is a contemporary, multi-active lifestyle brand for both traditional and alternative workouts, such as pole and dance fitness, barre, and various forms of yoga. It was created for the woman who is committed to self-awareness, self-expression, and self-care.

Julius builds Jax, which rents vehicles to Uber and Lyft drivers in metro Atlanta. Helping to bring mobility, access, and opportunity to those wishing to participate in the ridesharing economy.

Ashley is a founder and CEO of MyTotem, using AI to create more efficient processes to branding and digital content development. My-Totem is a branding automation platform that uses info-driven algorithms to brand companies automatically.

Lauren is a pitch strategist, speaker, writer, angel investor, and founder of VC Worthy Business who has years of experience helping clients not only hone their pitches, but also find the investors that are the right fit for their business.

Ross is a Managing Director & Partner at Silicon Road, an early stage venture capital fund focused on building the future of commerce. They focus on omni-channel commerce, in-store and retail tech, supply chain and logistics, and fin-tech & transactions. Find out why Ross invests.

Louise is passionate about improving the way criminal justice works for everyone involved. Acivilate combines technology, psychology and compassion to build a mobile platform where professionals and justice-involved people can work together for better outcomes.

Robin has over fifteen years of experience building and launching financial solutions to consumers and businesses. RoadSync is a cutting-edge, digital payment platform that dramatically reduces payment processing time and maximizes revenue collection for the transportation industry.

Jasmine is an award-winning entrepreneur who is striving to make the world a better place one cause at a time. Her main focus is to foster change and generate awareness around important socioeconomic issues including poverty, food waste, and hunger.

Boards can accelerate or sink your startup. Hear seasoned operators Connie Mixon, Theia Smith, and Tim Cook discuss the right way to build a dynamic startup board that will help you win. Each of these Atlanta experts has dynamic national experience across multiple startup boards.

Ryan Wilson co-founded and leads a company fast becoming a cultural icon, The Gathering Spot, founded in Atlanta, whose professional members are often of color and/or female and at the top of their fields. Learn how he thinks about Black Leadership, Black business, and the future of American culture in this provocative discussion on race and gender equality. Delivered as the keynote for the Startup Runway Foundation, the largest competition sourcing top startups from underrepresented founders.

Amy is a strategic partner for founders and investors and a growth catalyst for companies on the rise. Central to her work, of course, is the development and nurturing of a company’s culture.

Startup Atlanta just released the definitive guide to the Atlanta startup ecosystem. Hear Kylan Kester share what's new, what's hot, and what you need to pay attention to the country's fastest-growing startup and venture capital hub.

Turn your selfies into savings with this innovative app from founder Chike Nwoke. Learn how and why this top founder, a Startup Runway Finalist, is taking on the long tail of influencer marketing and putting you at the center.

What if you have to lay people off? Is there anything that could make it less painful? Turns out, yes. Hear how Sarah's building that tool no one wants to use, but every business should have. It's timely and you'll come away inspired by how founders get inspiration in the toughest circumstances. This Fintech startup is one to watch, too--a Startup Runway 2020 Finalist.

TIE Atlanta, the local chapter of the global tech entrepreneur association, commits to invest $100K in founders from under-represented groups. Find out why now and how you can get involved as an angel--or a founder--from visionary leaders leaders JP James and Amyn Sadruddin.

Bryan Hobbs, Founder/CEO of Pruuvn, was the winner of Startup Runway's $10,000 grant. Learn more about his SaaS company that provides the most efficient way to verify credentials.

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Vital4, a fintech software company disrupting the global screening and compliance industry through AI driven technology.

Tammy Farley co-founded The Rainmaker Group in 1998 and serves as its president. She spearheads all sales, marketing and customer-related operations for the organization, which is the market leader in profit optimization solutions serving hotel, casino hotel, resort, and multifamily housing operators.

A proud Duke graduate and accomplished entrepreneur, David is the reason Atlanta Tech Village exists. Addicted to startups, David is CEO of Atlanta Ventures and an avid investor – having invested in over 25 startups.

Listen to learn more about the economic and employment implications of the significant seed funding gap in the Southeast.

Atlanta software engineer, military spouse and founder Sheffie Robinson created WPClover to make regular websites work like Superwoman. Hear her discuss how she's built her firm into a scaling B2B software resource powering dozens of fast growing firms that thrive on her platform.

Eller Mallchok is the managing director at Jumpstart Foundry, a seed-stage healthcare innovation fund that invests in and supports healthcare technology companies. They raise and deploy an annual $3M fund into 15-20 companies each year.

George Azih is the founder and CEO of LeaseQuery, a lease accounting software solution for the most comprehensive regulatory reform in 40 years.

Alaina Percival founded Women Who Code, a global non-profit organization with over 200,000 members dedicated to women excelling in technology careers.

Sandy Welfare has driven a global career in Fortune 100 tech. Catch this episode for her candid advice on the attitudes and behaviors that drive her forward.

Panel of first-check-writing VCs from firms such as KKR, Impact America Fund, Jumpstart Foundry, Tech Square Labs, Knoll Ventures, and MAC Venture Capital.

Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia founded fintech startups Drum and the unicorn Kabbage. Listen to their founders' insights on the Atlanta startup ecosystem, raising money, coronavirus, leading a team through change and more.

Disrupter Studio's Alex Gonzalez has years of experience with innovation in the corporate sector and what it takes to inject innovation thinking into legacy systems. Learn what works in this deep dive interview.

Listen to how Sheena Allen leveraged her personal experience to create a solution for the one in four unbanked Americans.

Listen to how Angela Fusaro empowers the everyday person through Physician 360, an all-in-one telemedicine experience.

Listen to Kim Shriver speak about the impact of the partnership between Startup Runway and sponsoring partner Cox Enterprises.

Alan Taetle of Noro-Moseley has been investing in Atlanta for 22 years. Learn more about his growth-stage strategy.

John Sears is a former Georgia Tech computational chemistry professor who turned VC at Anzu Partners. Learn how they want to put their new $325 million early-stage fund to work in Atlanta.

Nyra Jordan at AmFam Institute backs founders creating social good. Learn more about her unique, national social impact mission.

Hear how Endeavor pushes startups to "think big" in order to scale global companies out of the Southeast.

Founder Anju Matthews of Atlanta healthcare startup Oncolens is using tech to fight cancer by making better treatment plans. Listen to how she's doing it.

Hear from three active venture capital investors about how coronavirus is changing venture capital.

Ryan Wilson dreamed of a creating community "for the rest of us." Find out how he's building The Gathering Spots into national headlines with a new take on membership clubs.

Three young VCs, three fresh perspectives on raising capital now.

Learn why Venture Atlanta is the venture capital destination for the Southeast, with hundreds of top investors.

Learn why Venture Atlanta is the venture capital destination for the Southeast, with hundreds of top investors.

Jennifer Silverberg's SmartCommerce grew 5x last year. Listen as she lets us inside this retail tech rocketship whose customers include P&G, Nestle and Unilever.

Learn why Matt Sniff moved from Silicon Valley to the South to successfully raise his seed round.

Learn why Florida VC Las Olas says he's excited about investing in Atlanta startups this year.

Find out why this New York VC is flying from the Big A to the ATL.

80,000 toxic chemicals live in our water. Find out how this data driven Harvard founder makes your life safer with her new tech platform.

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